New Steamroller Rugby Supply Website

22nd Dec 2013

First, we'd like to welcome you to the new Steamroller Rugby Supply website. If you have worked on/with web design, you know the timeline for publication rarely ever meets expectations. We were hoping for a pre-Thanksgiving launch. Regardless, we're pleased with the new platform and hope you like it too.

One of the newest capabilities for us is mobile-specific shopping. If you like shopping from your smart phone or tablet, then you'll enjoy the streamlined nature of the mobile store.  

In addition, we are continuing to add new products (stock items and team store items) that were not displayed on our previous platform. You will likely see new (or previously offered) items appear regularly.

We did lose some of our display graphics in the web store migration, mostly size charts. We're steadily working to update all the products with that information.

By chance if you find a color or size option missing, it's likely a result of transitioning to the new platform. If you happen to have any immediate questions regarding size, cut, color, or fit, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail,

Now that the new site is up and running, we have more team stores to add. If your team is interested in having custom team apparel available for your players, supporters, and the rugby public to buy, we'd be honored to support your Club in that effort.

Steamroller Rugby Supply is one of few rugby-specific suppliers that have in-house graphic design, screenprinting, and embroidery capabilities. We work hard to put out quality products so that your team looks great on and off the pitch.  As Jeff always says, "if I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't put it on you." 

Also, we don't do "just rugby"...our portfolio includes work for major corporations, small business, civic organizations, non-rugby club sports, police, fire, and the US military. We work with over 90 manufacturers to offer a wide variety of rugbywear, casual wear, and workwear.

Thank you for stopping by! We greatly appreciate your business and strive to earn it again.