Custom Rugby Jerseys

Rugby jerseys have changed a lot over the years.  Back when we walked uphill both ways to the pitch, every jersey was heavy cotton. Every logo was embroidered or printed. And, if you were lucky, you could afford the "fancy" tackle twill (patch) numbers.

Sublimation technology and advancement of durable, lightweight performance fabrics has dramatically expanded our capabilities. We can, quite literally, put anything on a rugby jersey; completely customize your pattern, colors, logos (down to minute detail) and numbers as you like.

We proudly offer quality rugby jerseys from Canterbury of New Zealand (CCC), Akuma, and our own Steamroller-branded line. Production times and cost vary, so please contact us for more information.

How do I design my jersey?
We aren't big fans of cookie-cutter jerseys. The way we see it, we want your jersey to be an original work of rugby art.  Some offer a handful of jersey designs to choose from, we feel that if we offered 10, 20, or even 50 designs it wouldn't be enough.

All you need to do is give us a rough idea of what you're looking for. Is there a certain style, concept, or pattern that you're looking for? Just let us know. Send us an image of a style you like and we'll take it from there.

Steamroller Rugby will develop concepts and some alternatives you may not have thought of. Once we get the basic concept, we can adjust as-needed to get it to perfection.

We'd like Steamroller Rugby Supply to make our jerseys, where do we start?

  • We need your basic concept or pattern.
    • Could be something as simple as saying hoop (horizontal stripes), tribal, camo, quarter panel, etc.
    • Or, even better, if you have an image of a jersey you like (does not have to be in your choice of colors), just e-mail it to
  • What colors do you want us to use?
    • Let us know your primary, secondary, and tertiary (if applicable) color choices that you want your design to be in.
    • Ultimately, your jersey is produced to match Pantone (PMS) colors.  If you know the specific Pantone colors you want us to use, it saves a future step. An online Pantone color can be found here
  • What logos and sponsors do you want on your jersey?
    • Email us team and sponsor logos.
    • We will need high-resolution jpg/gif or, preferably, source vector art (Illustrator .ai, Corel Draw .cdr, or .eps files).
    • PDF files can work if they were exported from the graphic program used to make the image.
  • SRS does the rest. We will send you preliminary designs, then work with you to finalize your custom rugby jersey.

What if we don't have a high quality version of our (or sponsor) logo?
Having a quality version of the team and/or sponsor logos will always shorten the design process. If you don't have it personally, see if you can find the person that does have it or made it.

If you can't get the logo, no worries.  Ultimately, for your jersey we need high-quality, scalable vector artwork. Quite often we can rebuild a logo for you. If it can be done in a reasonable amount of time, there will be no charge to do so.

For complicated or detailed logos we may need to hire an individual to rebuild it. IF we need to do so, we will let you know in advance and there will be a nominal charge for their time.

Want to know more Steamroller Rugby-branded jerseys?
SRS offers a quality line of affordable, fully custom performance rugby jerseys that have been match tested on national select teams, premier sides, clubs, and social touring sides.

Your Steamroller jersey can be fully customized with sublimated pattern and logos. We offer three different fabrics, over ten different necklines/collars, and seven different cuts to properly fit your team's needs.

We are focused on providing you a quality, durable jersey at a good price. Steamroller jerseys have been tested and manufactured to withstand the rigors of rugby.  If you have a jersey tear or rip under normal rugby match play within the first six months, send it back and we'll repair or replace it for free.

Delivery time for your set of Steamroller jerseys can vary from 3 1/2 to 5 weeks (dependent on the time of year your order is placed) from the day we finalize your design and receive your deposit.

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